Screw the Hierarchy

What history shows us about standing up to abuse of power — featuring former attorney Mark M. Bello, known for suing the Roman Catholic Church for sexual abuse by clergy

Episode Summary

We see abuse of power throughout history. But we learn lessons from how to go up against abuse of power and challenge institutions. In this episode, former attorney and author Mark M. Bello reveals his experience as one of the first attorneys to sue the Roman Catholic Church for sexual abuse by clergy in the 1980s, his take on how abuse of power and corporate greed infringes on our rights, and how social justice issues inspired his love for writing fictional stories about how policies might play out in people's lives. Find Mark M. Bello at If you've been abused at work and would like to share your story anonymously, email If you feel like you need more help, I have a free guide to recovery steps at and a signup for daily boosts through your inbox at the same place. Facebook: @HierarchyPodcast Twitter: @ScrewHierarchy