Screw the Hierarchy

How we can go from stuck to inspired — featuring healer Kristine Ovsepian

Episode Summary

After the trauma of abuse at work, we often feel stuck. The exhaustion can feel overwhelming and debilitating. The anxiety is a feeling healer Kristine Ovsepian is familiar with. After her own journey of feeling empty and lost for years, Kristine took her power back. In this episode, Kristine shares her story along with the healing modalities that helped her feel unstuck and on her true path and the techniques she offers to help others experience the same inner peace. Find Kristine at If you've been abused at work and would like to share your story anonymously, email If you feel like you need more help, I have a free guide to recovery steps at and a signup for daily boosts through your inbox at the same place. Facebook: @HierarchyPodcast Twitter: @ScrewHierarchy